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Note of Passage – Law Rocks @ State Room Dec 12, 2019

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the interest and hope you’ll bump around to see what’s going on and stream my music. I’ll be posting new tracks on occasion and listing upcoming gigs…Enjoy!

Please reach out to me at gtrgroove@gmail.com or drewski@andrewlovegrove.com if you’d like to schedule guitar lessons or music theory instruction.

And I provide audio recording and production to help bring your songs to life.

I also do Electrical Engineering and Project Management Consulting, if you’re looking to troubleshoot or test existing circuits, or design from the ground up.





Upcoming Shows

                  Be sure to catch Note of Passage soon







Salt Lake City

The BAYOU     645 South State Street

Date:   TBD

Music  from 9 pm to 12:30 am

No Cover